Posted by Bruce Cowan
Things have changed exponentially since the first Rotary Club meeting was held in Wellington in June 1921, but our organisational structure, and the way we do Rotary here, hasn’t necessarily kept pace with that change.  Rotary International has also challenged us to address declining membership numbers and we know cost and culture barriers exist for young people in joining Rotary.
In response, a working group, supported by RI and comprising representatives of the District Governor group from each of our six Districts, has been exploring a variety of strategy and structure options.  It is an exciting opportunity for us to be innovative and bold – and we think we will need to be both if we want to progress Rotary in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands into a second century of service.
The working group will present the background and findings to date, to the New Zealand Governors, Governors-Elect (GE), and Governors-Nominee (GN) at the Australia New Zealand Rotary Conference in Hobart next month for initial consideration and discussion, following which a consultation process with members will commence.
The working group is:
  • John Prendergast (Past Governor D9980, Rotary Co-ordinator)
  • Liz Courtney (Past Governor D9970, Regional Public Image Co-ordinator)
  • Elaine Mead (D9910 Governor-Nominee 2020-21)
  • Ingrid Waugh (D9920 Governor 2018-19)
  • Peter Maxwell (D9930 Governor-Elect 2019-20)
  • John Mohi (D9940 Governor-Elect 2019-20)
  • Sarita McLean (Immediate Past Governor D9970)
  • Bruce Cowan (Immediate Past Governor D9980)