Posted by Kathleen Van Rysseghem
Next to our very successful efforts to fight polio, malaria, aids and transferable diseases, we also fight addictionIn many countries and regions powerful structures are put in place that allow doctors and nurses to cooperate with governments and private partners to bring healthcare to those who cannot afford basic care.
As to the fight against drugs and addiction, the Rotarian Action Group Addiction Prevention mainly focusses on prevention.
In Asia we ensure the trainingof health professionals who implement prevention projects against addiction.

But even worse than in the East and the South, are the effects of addiction in the West, and particularly so in the USA and Canada where the opiate problems cause 200 deadly victims per day
This is why we do everything in our power, with global grants, to set up widely spread preventionprograms.

We train Rotarians to become excellent intermediaries for their local communities and assist them in the implementation of prevention programs.
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