Posted by Andrew Hamilton
A Paul Harris Fellow is awarded to:
 “A person whose life exemplifies the humanitarian and educational objectives of the Rotary Foundation, for demonstrating a life and vocational commitment to helping persons in need here and around the world “.
Congratulations to the following recipients of a Paul Harris Fellow from 1st July 2018 to 31 December 2018.
Name                                                                                Club Awarding the PHF 
Frazer Purdue – PHF                                                        Invercargill East
Alan Richardson - PHF                                                     Dunedin East
Peter Barrow - PHF                                                           Wanaka
Peter Vollweiler (Since Passed Away) – PHF + 3            Milton
Peter Mallon – PHF +1                                                    Milton
Lyall Bailey – PHF                                                           Winton
Ken Galt – PHF (Non-Rotarian)                                       Winton
Mary Galt – PHF (Non- Rotarian)                                    Winton
Clarence Evans – PHF (Non- Rotarian)                           Invercargill East
Margaret Stocker – PHF (Non- Rotarian)                        Timaru
Jim Garden – PHF +1                                                      Timaru
Grant Chirnside – PHF                                                     Dunedin
David Neil – PHF +1                                                        Dunedin
Andrew Bosworth – PHF                                                 St Kilda Sunrise  
Robyn Bryson – PHF                                                       St Kilda Sunrise
Heather Swain – PHF                                                      St Kilda Sunrise