Posted by Claire Ramsay
This year District 9980 is privileged to have two Rotary Global Scholars with us.  Gretchen Druliner and Remaya Campbell (pictured) both arrived to start second semester study at the University of Otago.  And both are enrolled in the Masters of Peace and Conflict Studies (note this does not make them Peace Scholars – those scholarships are only available for students studying at Rotary Peace Centres of which there are six around the world.  The Otago Centre is not a Rotary Centre; but it has an excellent reputation).
Both are doing classes, so getting them out of the city to visit other clubs will need to be worked around their study schedules.  There is a semester week-long break – from 25 August to 3 September – and the end of the semester is 10 November.  They will both be here until late June 2019.   If clubs would like to invite Remaya and Gretchen please contact them directly.  Former scholars have really enjoyed the hospitality Rotary has provided and the opportunity to see more of our beautiful district.
Remaya Campbell
Remaya M. Campbell is pursuing a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Otago. She came to Dunedin from Los Angeles, California and is a graduate of the University of Southern California. She is passionate about advocacy and social justice, drawing personal inspiration from the continued struggles of African-Americans, immigrants, and other disadvantaged groups throughout the United States. She began her academic interest in peace and conflict after a research trip to Northern Ireland during which she met with convicted Catholic and Protestant former paramilitary members. She believes with great conviction that peace is neither impractical nor impossible, but rather is something that is built through commitment humanitarian ideals of safety, security, and respect for all persons.  
She is absolutely thrilled to fulfill her lifelong dream of visiting New Zealand and has a long list of things she like to do while she's here including visiting Fiordland, exploring Maori culture, seeing the yellow-eyed penguins, completing a full ''Lord of the Rings' location tour, and horseback riding to name a few. She loves working with kids and actively seeks opportunities to engage young students about peace and conflict in their society and the wider world. Remaya would like to express her sincerest gratitude to District 9980 and Dunedin South for hosting and hopes to actively contribute to Rotary's wonderful community service efforts in the region.
Contact details:  Cell: 022 544 1618
Gretchen Druliner
Before moving to Dunedin to begin her Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Otago, Gretchen spent two years teaching high school biology and chemistry on the Island of Tinian in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands (the CNMI).  Tinian's junior - senior high school had not had a science teacher for four years before her two year commitment to teach on the island.  Previously, with a bachelor’s of science in geoscience/hydrology, she has worked in conservation biology and mining.
While working in conservation biology, she lived in Papua New Guinea for several years working and living at a remote research station in the mid montane forest of the Pawaia’a, a language group inhabiting the intersection of the Eastern Highlands, Chimbu, and Southern Highlands provinces.  While there Gretchen utilized skills of conflict resolution, negotiation and empathy from different perspectives.  For her masters degree she will be looking at a multidisciplinary approach to peace and conflict studies within the Pacific Islands.  She moved to Dunedin with her son, Matthias, and her mother, Donna, at the end of June 2018 to complete her one year masters degree.  She expresses her gratitude to Rotary for helping to create this opportunity.
Contact details:   cell:  027 788 1144