Dear Waimate Rotary, 
As a visitor to this beautiful country, I am utterly grieved by the events that took place in Christchurch on Friday. I offer my sincerest condolences for the loss of so many precious lives. I have known the Muslim community in this country and in the wider umma to be a warm and welcoming people, prepared always to offer love and hospitality. This tragedy is one for all Muslims, all Kiwis, all immigrants, all the world. As a student of peace and conflict studies, my purpose becomes heaviest during such times as this, when there is so much to say that words cannot adequately express.
This is a kind of violence with which I am intimately familiar. When I first heard word of the shooting, I thought certainly it was news from my own country. I recall vividly, among other such incidents, the day a young man walked into a Black church and killed parishioners in their pews several years ago in South Carolina, USA. Such horrendous violence simply does not happen here in Aotearoa New Zealand, and yet it has. In the aftermath, one is left to wonder how the monstrosities of faraway places could reach these shores. 
No society is immune to the festering and dark ideologies that motivated the attacks in Christchurch. The main attacker, whose name I will not magnify in writing, stated that he wished to prove that his crusade, championed by many others before him, knew no geographic boundaries; that his battle for racial supremacy could shake and change even a place like peaceful New Zealand.
Yet, there is always hope. Rotary exists to cultivate and spread goodwill among all peoples, in all places, to all cultures and creeds. As an organization, Rotary stands as a beacon of tolerance, love, and resistance to hate and prejudice wherever it is found. Rotary can represent hope in the darkest hour.
In this time, I grieve by your side as one who has suffered the same too often, and I am proud to be but a small, fleeting part of your community. I have no doubt of the strength of this country to come together, to support one another, and strive for a deep, pure, and indiscriminate peace for all peoples. 
With love, in peace,