Waimate Event Centre
15 Paul Street
Waimate,  7924
New Zealand

23 January 2021

To All Club Presidents, Presidents Elect and Secretaries

The Annual General Meeting of Rotary International District 9980 Incorporated will be held at 1.00pm on Sunday 21 March 2021 at The Waimate Events Centre. A copy of the Agenda is attached.
Clubs in the District are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting on the following basis:
Each Member (Note: A member is a Club) shall be entitled to one vote for every 25, or major fraction of, Rotarians belonging to it at the time the vote is taken. The Member (Club) exercises its vote by appointing one or more Electors. Each Elector shall be duly appointed by resolution of the Member club. Each elector shall exercise one vote except where the Elector holds a proxy vote.
All votes must be given personally.
In the case of an equality of votes on a question at a General Meeting, the chair of the meeting is entitled to exercise a second or casting vote.
A Member (Club) is not entitled to vote at any General Meeting of the District unless all money due and payable by the Member (Club) to the District and to RI has been paid other than the amount of the annual subscription payable in respect of the then current Rotary Year.
All clubs should ensure they appoint their Electors who are to represent them at the Annual Meeting and that they have made them aware of the matters on the Agenda.
Notices of Motion must be in my hands by 10 March 2021.

Apologies to District Secretary Jean Morgan please:  jean.morg2012.gmail.com

Dylan Murray

District Governor